Friday, 31 May 2013

Cookbook Challenge Week 21 - The Best Veggie Burgers On The Planet

This week I have been cooking from Joni Marie Newman's book about Veggie Burgers (all recipes Vegan).
I have made a couple of things from this in the past with mixed results, the tuna melt was good, but the quiche lorraine burger took some serious tweaking. I think the issue may be the conversion from US measure to UK. According to the recipe half a cup of Nutritional Yeast is 60 grams. I used this weight and they were awful, I weighed out half a cup and it was far less than 60 grams.

Anyway this week I have made 6 other recipes:

Tangy Tahini Sauce - this was really not great, I used it with chickpeas, onion & sweetcorn but it was really untasty:

Vegan ham - I was making the recipe for Split Peas with Ham-Burger and decided to use half the "Ham" on a sandwich and just make the one burger. The ham was awful, very sweet and not at all tasty. I threw the sandwich away:

Split Peas and Ham-Burger - Despite the unsavoury ham, this was rather good. I think it would be better to use green split peas but still this was really good:

Sunday Afternoon Grillers - this burger looked great, it tasted nice but did not have a great texture, it was too soggy and stringy:

Ortega Burger - this was quite good, spicy and tasty (very meaty), a bit stringy but overall very good:

Seitanic Stuffer - I saved the best for last. This recipe used just vital wheat gluten & flour (no soya mince etc) and it turned out really well. The idea with this burger is to make 12 patties, fill six with a filling and put the other six on top to make stuffed burgers. I used mushroom and Tesco smoke soya cheese. It tasted great but a little dry on the outside, I think in future I will wrap them in foil when baking:

Overall, even though I did not have great success with this book I really do like it and although I will probably never make these recipes again, I have tweaked the Quiche Lorraine recipe to a point where I have a burger I really like. I will definitely use the book again but I have found that the better recipes are those that don't need soya mince, instead using vital wheat gluten or other ingredients (such as split peas).

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