Thursday, 7 November 2013

Cookbook Challenge Week 46 - Vegan for the Holidays

This week I have been cooking from Vegan for the Holidays by Zel Allen:

I bought this book last year and was impressed with it as soon as I got it, there are recipes for New Year, Hanukkah, Christmas & Thanksgiving all of which look mouthwatering, I made 4 of the recipes....

Winter Almond Chowder - I found this a little boring, it had flavour but it just didn't hit the mark:

Old World Goulash - Goulash (especially the recipe from Another Dinner is Possible) is one of my favourite meals, this was OK but again I found it slightly lacking. It was filling and very wholesome (pearl barley, buckwheat & potato see to that) and I did like it but again it was a bit boring:

Mushroom Barley Cholent - This tasted quite good (it had a very strong garlic flavour) and but didn't stand up to other Cholents I have made (thanks to Veganomicon for that):

Groundnut Stew - I really enjoyed this, it has great flavour with an undercurrent of peanut, it was very filling and great on a cold autumn night, that notwithstanding its still not as good as the West African Peanut Stew from Nut Butter Universe:

Overall I was a bit disappointed with these recipes, they look really appetising but when made turn out to be quite healthy & wholesome meals which is something that I really don't want when I think of holiday food.
What I want is high calorie, high fat cellulite forming comfort food and these really didn't hit the mark.

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