Tuesday, 6 January 2015

2015 & New Challenge

As 2014 is over I was thinking about if I should do a cookbook challenge this year, to be honest they can be quite tiring but I still wanted to try one, so here goes. This year I am going to pick my favourite cookbooks or some of those of that I have not cooked from and I am going to cook every recipe that I want. No restrictions on time (which has restricted the amount of recipes I cooked in the past), it will be a far more relaxed "challenge" but I will hopefully be posting a lot more (weekly rather than monthly) about what I have been cooking that week.
The first book I am cooking from is the new Happy Herbivore book (Holidays and Gatherings). I have started my last 2 years/challenges with a Happy Herbivore book so I thought it would be apt to do the same this year.
This week I am going to be cooking Cauliflower Hot Wings, Cowboy Beans, Cornbread, Reuben and BBQ sliders. I will post a review at the end of the week.

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