Sunday, 25 January 2015

Happy Herbivore Holidays and Gatherings Week 3

This week I have cooked 4 things from this book, I was going to cook the Portobello pot roast but ended up not fancying it - I was sick and comfort food was what I ate most of the time

Thanksgiving Loaf:
This was really quite good, very flavourful and filling. I cheated a bit and used instant mash instead of making my own and it worked really well

Thanksgiving Gravy:
Gravy is one of the things that Happy Herbivore gets spot on, this gravy was brilliant and tasted quite similar to the gravy that comes with Tofurky

Mini Soy Free Quiches:
These tasted really good, they didn't actually turn into quiches rather mushy lumps but still tasted good. If I were to make them again I would certainly use less liquid

Hot Chocolate Muffins:
Again these were really good, I used the smallest amount of Cayanne recommended and it gave them a small warm kick at the end. Really quite enjoyable:

This is my last week cooking from this book, I have enjoyed most of the recipes. Most were filling and full of flavour but I have now started to get a little bored with the book and one my primary criticisms of the book is that a lot of the recipes are borrowed from other Happy Herbivore books. Don't get me wrong, some are very original but if you already have the other books I wouldn't bother buying this as a lot of the recipes have been recycled.
From now on I will be cooking from Vegan slow cooking for 2 or just for you


  1. I was thinking about getting the book as I have her other four books which I use all the time. But I have now heard several people say that a lot of the recipes are the same, so I think I will leave this one. I also have Vegan Slow Cooking for Two that I haven't cooked anything from yet so will be reading your review with interest x

  2. Good choice. It's always nice to hear my blog has been of help